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Confessions of a Fandom Dilettante

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I've taken the plunge and am freelancing and writing full-time. You can find "writer" me at www.christinepope.com -- but a lot of those posts mirror here, so maybe not. ;-)

My life is composed of little interesting bits that have yet to make a coherent whole. Maybe I'll figure it all out on my deathbed. Despite my cynical outlook on many things, I do tend to think of myself as a hopeless romantic (hence the thread of romance that runs through just about everything I write). In my case, that's simply because I know crazy romances can have a happy ending: I had a crush on my husband all through junior high and high school and never articulated it because I knew it was hopeless -- he'd been raised in a very restrictive religion that frowned on people dating and definitely marrying outside the faith. We went our separate ways after high school, and each of us got married. I got divorced in my middle twenties and went on to other relationships. Although I thought of him occasionally, I never really thought I'd see my "crush" ever again. Then he and his wife separated, and he decided to look me up. Eventually we ended up together, and we're extremely happy. He tells me over and over that he never imagined that marriage could be so much fun. It can -- if you're with the right person. So, moral of the story: Don't ever give up on love...and don't let your religion rule your love life. :-P

And yes, I am so far over eighteen it hurts. Thanks for giving me a paper cut and rubbing some lemon juice in it!

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